GomSpace provides multiple powerful on-board computers miniaturized to small PCBs, yet it includes many features needed to run the satellite platform, including:

  • High-performance AVR32 MCU
  • On-board flash, FRAM and SDRAM memories
  • Real-time clock
  • ADCS sensors and interfaces:
    • Magnetometer
    • MEMS Gyroscope
    • Drivers for torquers
  • Small PCB size 65 x 40 mm

Given the small size the OBC can be mounted on a PC104 board with other GomSpace modules like radio transceivers or GPS modules.

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NanoMind Z7000
NanoMind Z7000

Powerful ARM/FPGA on-board computer for demanding applications in nanosatellites, like an SDR application or an Inter Satellite Link

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NanoMind A3200
NanoMind A3200

The NanoMind A3200 is a versatile On-board Computer for Cube, Nano and Microsat missions

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