Advanced Features a la Carte

On top of a Core Platform Package for a given satellite size we can provide many additional advanced features fulfilling the requirements of the more demanding missions. The table below provides an overview of recommended configurations. 

Platform Size Basic Platform Options Advanced Platform Options # of payloads possible Standard Payloads Options
  Core Platform GPS Fine ADS Fine ACS S-Band Star-tracker Inter-satellite-link Deployable panels Propulsion   RGB Camera AIS Receiver ADS-B Receiver SDR sensing platform
1U X                 1 (X) X   X
2U X X X X           2 X X X X
3U X X X X X X X X X 2-3 X X X X
6U X X X X X X X X X 3-4 X X X X
Minimum recommended platform options to support payload Fine ADS + ACS   Fine ADS + ACS Fine ADS + ACS


Short descriptions of the different packages are provided here:


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