Aerial & Maritime will offer Tracking Services to Countries in the Equatorial Region

Satellites in the A&M constellation will be capable of monitoring the whereabouts of civilian aircrafts and vessels in an area spanning from 37 Degrees Northern to 37 Degrees Southern Latitude using ADS-B and AIS-signals, respectively.

The satellites will be designed, manufactured, launched and commissioned by GomSpace and will carry a payload capable of monitoring ADS-B signals from aircrafts and AIS signals from sea vessels. GomSpace's experience is based on the GOMX-1 and GOMX-3 flight experiences with ADS-B airline tracking, performed in December 2013 and during 2015/16 respectively.

Aerial & Maritime was established in October 2015 as a limited liability company.  The main shareholders of the company are GomSpace Group and the Investment Fund for Developing Countries (IFU). The Company’s head office is located in Mauritius with subsidiaries and offices in Ghana and Denmark as well.

GomSpace is responsible for a turn-key solution delivery to Aerial & Martime including the following elements:

  • Satellite design and configuration to customer requirements
  • Production and testing of four "3U" satellites
  • Launch service to near equatorial orbit in 2018
  • Installation of ground segment and training
  • Satellite commissioning and operational support

The satellites feature advanced AIS and ADS-B receivers and mission tailored antennas providing multiple spot-beams for ADS-B reception.

In June, 2018 GomSpace and Aerial Maritime signed a MoU for GomSpace to deliver the full constellation for Aerial & Martime. Go to press release.

GomSpace delivers a full space based business infrastructure under a turn-key contract and prepares for the delivery of full constellation


”IFU is pleased to be part of this investment, which is expected to have an important developmental impact across many developing countries in the Equatorial zone. Thanks to the services provided by this project, safety and revenue from the aviation and maritime activities of these countries will improve.”

- Tommy Thomsen, CEO of IFU.

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