NanoSpace office is situated in Uppsala Science Park, next to Uppsala University and the Ångström Laboratory. NanoSpace has a full access to the cleanroom facilities at Ångström Laboratory where all the MEMS development, manufacturing and some assembly is being made. The office suits apart from administration areas, also a test laboratory and an assembly area.


The Ångström Laboratory

The cleanroom has a total area of 2000m2 were the major part is classified as class 10 000 (particles >0,5µm per cubic foot air). 150m2 is classified as class 100 with unidirectional airflow from the ceiling to the floor. The temperature is stable within ±1°C. The relative humidity is held constant at 45±3% in one third of the cleanroom. The vibration-free foundation is classed as BBN-E. The cleanroom is subdivided in two sections, the first part being mainly occupied by analyzing equipment, the second part dedicated to processing.

The analysis laboratory is very well equipped with up-to-date characterization systems such as high-resolution transmission electron microscopy (TEM), scanning electron microscopy (SEM), focused ion beam (FIB), STM/AFM instruments, ESCA/XPS instruments, saw, preparation tools etc.

The process laboratory, for microfabrication, is equipped with a full process line for MEMS (Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems) manufacturing, divided into five process areas; dry-etching, wet chemistry, thin film processes, lithography and metrology including a large range of tools and processes.

One room in the process laboratory is dedicated only to NanoSpace employees, were back-end processing, assembly, electrical testing and silicon etching in our own tool is being made. The silicon etcher is an AMS200 DRIE (Deep Reaction Ion Etcher) from Alcatel used for high performance etching and is capable of automatically handling up to 25 wafers for an efficient small scale production.


NanoSpace Assembly and Test Laboratory

  • He leak-detector
  • Thermal vacuum chamber
  • LabView controlled data acquisition system
  • Proof – and burst pressure set-up (hydraulic liquid up to 1500 Bar)
  • Flow measurement bench for accurate mass flow testing (various precision mass flow sensors and pressure sensors)
  • Laminar flow bench for assembly at high degree of cleanliness
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