Mission Exploitation

Your investment in space infrastructure is only relevant when invoices are sent out to happy end-user that benefit from your high-value products and services.

GomSpace can help you design and implement the algorithms and business logics enabling end-user service delivery and deployment of the services for daily operations inside the MCOP platform. Whether your constellation is collecting data or providing communication services, we can help you with:

  • Filtering data based on end-user service levels.
  • Prioritising the services that maximise your revenues.
  • Pre- and Post- processing of your data to standards and custom formats.
  • Monitoring the data quality.
  • Capturing end-users billing data and integrating with popular platforms.
  • Data archival and various data distribution models to meet your end-customer needs.
  • User and terminal management.
  • Satellite network access points.


Data products generated from the GOMX4 mission; Situational awareness picture featuring air traffic, ship traffic and RGB images (Left), example RGB picture (Right).

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