Network Management

The end-user only cares about service, so that is what MCOP (Mega-Constellations Operations Platform) cares for.
Mega-Constellations are a network of:

  • Tens or even hundreds of satellites, possibly interlinked.
  • A global network of ground station sites, each with multiple antennas.
  • End-user service delivery points for low latency and compliance.
  • Wide Area Networks with distributed databases, computational resources and external data sources.
  • Concurrent goals from end-users, mission operations, and business.

Network Management is a key discipline embedded in MCOP and operations for constellation management, see also Operations, delivering the following features:

  • End-to-end monitoring of all assets.
  • Services Layer that monitors and manages the Quality of Service of your services.
  • Integration with most commercial ground station network providers, providing seamless integration of the space and ground-segment.
  • Centralised configuration and redundancy management, to minimise down-time and single-points of failure.
  • Autonomous network operations and fault recovery, increasing system-wide resilience.
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