Annual general meeting held in GS Sweden AB (publ)


Annual general meeting held in GS Sweden AB (publ)
Earlier today, the annual general meeting for the financial year 2016 was held in GS Sweden AB (publ) (the “Company” or “GomSpace”). Below follows a summary of the decisions taken by the annual general meeting (all in accordance with the proposals presented in the notice to attend the meeting).
The annual general meeting resolved:

· to adopt the profit and loss statement and the balance sheet and the group profit and loss statement and the group balance sheet for the financial year 2016;
· that the Company’s accumulated profits shall be carried forward in new account;
· to grant the board members and the managing director discharge from liability for the management of the financial year 2016;
· that the board of directors shall consist of five ordinary members without deputy members, to re-elect Jukka Pertola (also re-elected as chairman), Jesper Jespersen and Carl Erik Jørgensen and to new-elect Anna Rathsmann and Steen Hansen as board members;
· that a registered accounting firm is to be elected as auditor and to new-elect EY as auditor;
· that fees payable to the board members until the end of the next annual general meeting shall amount to a total of SEK 750,000 out of which SEK 250,000 shall be paid to the chairman and SEK 125,000 to each of the other board members;
· that fees payable to the auditor is to be paid in accordance with approved invoices;
· to adopt guidelines for remuneration to the senior management;
· to adopt principles for the appointment of and instructions regarding a nomination committee;
· to change the company name in the articles of association to “GomSpace Group AB”;
· on an incentive programme and issuance of warrants; and
· on an authorization for the board of directors to increase the share capital.

The complete proposals are available at the Company’s website

For more information, please contact:
Niels Buus (CEO)
Tel: +45 40 31 55 57              

About GS Sweden AB

The Company’s business operations are mainly conducted through the wholly-owned Danish subsidiary, GomSpace ApS, with operational office in Aalborg, Denmark. GomSpace is a space company with a mission to be engaged in the global market for space systems and services by introducing new products, i.e. components, platforms and systems based on innovation within professional nanosatellites. The Company is listed on the Nasdaq First North Premier exchange under the ticker GOMX. FNCA Sweden AB is the Company’s Certified Adviser. For more information, please visit our website on
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