GomSpace Commits to IPO


The global market shows great potential for nanosatelittes. In recent years, the management of GomSpace has been considering various options for long-term strategic moves enabling the company to take advantage of this growth potential. An IPO will give GomSpace access to extra capital thus putting it in an even stronger position than the present one, considered one of the leading suppliers of components, platforms and missions/projects for the aerospace industry. GomSpace commits to IPO on NASDAQ First North, Premier in Stockholm with first dealing day on 16th June, 2016. This will be announced by Niels Buus, CEO of the company, today on 2nd May, at the Danish Parliament during a conference on the topic ” Possibilities of the aerospace industry”.

Jukka Pertola, CEO of Siemens in Denmark, will be Chairman of the Board for GS Sweden AB and GomSpace A/S

The development potential within the aerospace industry and the demand for nanosatellites are in rapidgrowth and in particularly recent years, the market has been commercialized. For decades, the field has been characterized and driven by predominantly a research-oriented approach, but as knowledge within the complex field and incentives for commercialization have grown in scope and awareness, the potential of nanosatellites within the industries of for instance military, telecom, maritime and aviation has become evident. It has, in many aspects, been demonstrated that the technology of nanosatellites can bring value to society as a whole as well as on a basic level to man in everyday life situations.

The market includes a number of various stakeholders and different target groups and points to great potential. ”To be a player within this field is challenging and it takes great excellence ”, says Jukka Pertola, CEO of Siemens in Denmark, who based on his strong profile within relevant industries has been appointed for the chairman post of GS Sweden AB and GomSpace A/S. ”I have been following the development of GomSpace, in recent years with great interest. The aerospace industry is definitely in a cycle of growth, and I strongly believe this development is bound to continue. But the scene is constantly changing. Agenda-setting players on the market, from this point, I believe, will be those who understand and correspond to an industry where the need for high volume in development and production replaces the demand for single, simplified solutions. Indeed, focus will be on the ability to generate and create value”, Jukka Pertola emphasizes. Jukka Pertola has a CV of 20 years’ management experience in industrialized companies and 10 years of experience in international board positions.

From pioneer to Agile Player on the Market

GomSpace was established in 2007 by three students from Aalborg University (AAU). Strong relations with AAU remain intact amongst other reasons because of GomSpace’s co-location in NOVI’s science park – residency of scientists and easy access to scientists’ facilities. Current main investors of GomSpace (NOVI, Borean and HL Invest) are both impressed and content with the development of GomSpace in recent years. ”GomSpace and the results they have made illustrate in its essence what NOVI was set up to foster. Providing the necessary investment and physical facilities. We are truly proud to have contributed to this success”, says Jesper Jespersen, CEO of NOVI. GomSpace counts today more than 40 employees in its staff and presents a long list of customers on a global scene, including amongst other NASA, ESA, the Danish Defense, commercial customers and universities in 35 countries. GomSpace has participated in more than 40 satellite missions and accomplished no less than two successful missions with own satellites, including the GOMX-3 satellite,going last year in orbit with first Dane in space, Andreas Mogensen. 

Whilst GomSpace is considered a pioneer and agenda-setting player on the market, business must equally be seen as one that is highly dynamic and growth determined. “Committing to IPO at this stage seems a natural step to us” explains Niels Buus. “We have spent the last decade, step by step and often as pioneer building up our own market position plus building up the market as such. At this point, and considering the experience of GomSpace, an increased capital injection will enable us to consolidate which is necessary. We issue stocks at 125 million SEK of which 100 million is guaranteed beforehand. The capital injection will be our gateway for expansion generating additional sales. We will boost product development and we have plans for establishing subsidiaries in the US and in Singapore. From this point and on, GomSpace will still be considered a pioneer in business, our focus will shift, however, to generate first and foremost a professional business platform relying on volume and streamlined approach with the greater mission of adding value”, Niels Buus concludes.


  • GomSpace commits to IPO on NASDAQ First North, Premier in Stockholm
  • First day of dealing will be 16th June, 2016
  • Stockholm Corporate Finance will facilitate the IPO on behalf of GomSpace
  • Shares can be subscribed on Nordnet in the period 19th May – 1st June, 2016
  • A Swedish holding company by the name of GS Sweden will be established. GS Sweden AB will be the main investor of GomSpace Aps in Aalborg, Denmark
  • 80 percent of the issue is guaranteed beforehand
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