The Orbital Radiometeric NanoSat (ØRN), is a GomSpace 6U CubeSat developed for Orbital Micro Systems (OMS), in cooperation with Lockeed Martin. The mission will deliver the first satellite in OMS’ next generation constellation, the Global Environmental Monitoring System (GEMS).

The OMS payload consists of a miniaturized passive microwave radiometric sounder providing vertical retrieval of atmospheric temperature and humidity profiles from 0 to 30 km in altitude. The payload continuously collects data at a higher spatial resolution than what is currently available from government providers.

This mission lays the groundwork for a satellite system that may be manufactured at scale, enabling higher temporal resolution weather data products.

The platform design drivers include:

  • Large use of COTS components
  • X-band direct-to-Earth communication
  • Precise timing and positioning accuracies
  • Continuous payload operations enabled by a large sun tracking solar array
  • Rapid development schedule
  • Launch in 2021
  • Developing a 6U system which can be quickly manufactured at scale.


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