The RACE, Rendezvous Autonomous CubeSats Experiment, is ESA’s latest in-orbit demonstration CubeSat mission

The two satellites are launched together in Low Earth Orbit. After the initial commissioning phase, the spacecraft can perform the rendezvous and docking (RVD) and the close fly around (CFA) experiments in order to achieve the mission objectives.

The RACE platform is based on the standard GomSpace 6U CubeSat platform. The platform has in-orbit heritage since February 2018 (GOMX-4A & GOMX-4B).

The platform design drivers include:

  • High level of modularity
  • Flight-proven technology for ADCS, Power generation and management, C&DH and Communications
  • Large use of COTS components.

GomSpace is prime project lead in the strong consortium behind the RACE mission, consisting of GMV Poland/Romania together with Almatech and Micos from Switzerland, encompassing all the needed expertise for delivering the spacecrafts including the guidance, navigation & control algorithms, docking mechanisms and relative navigation sensors for the mission.


Pioneer project developing technologies required for close proximity operations up to rendez-vous and automatic docking of nanosatellites in orbit

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