To operate a satellite in space – control of the spacecraft is important and for this GomSpace provides an advanced ADCS software solution.

The GomSpace ADCS SDK is a flight proven ADCS with the possibility to implement custom functionalities.

The ADCS SDK is developed for implementation on the GomSpace NanoMind A3200 with the option to compile it for Linux for test and simulation purpose. The ADCS SDK builds on top of the Command & Management SDK for A3200 (included) where all low level - and platform setup of the A3200 is handled.

The ADCS SDK software package gives the required functionality to:

  • Handle communication with all sensors provided by GomSpace
  • Handle communication with all actuators and propulsion system provided by GomSpace
  • Enable possibility for customer implemented drivers to support other sensors and actuators

With the data from all implemented actuators the ADCS software can do both advanced positioning, attitude determination and attitude control.

The software package contains the following ADCS modes:

  • Idle, Bdot, Y-Spin, LVLH-fixed and Inertial-fixed pointing

It is possible to add custom determination and attitude control methods.

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