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NanoProp 20000

The NanoProp 20000 is the latest propulsion system in the GomSpace product family with flight heritage since 2015. NanoProp 20000 has improved performance and is built on ESA qualified components.

NanoProp 20000 is a compact propulsion system, size is only 0.5U, that provides propulsion capability even to small CubeSats. Compared to previous versions, NanoProp 20000 has an increased propellant capacity. The design allows a flexible tank size in order to meet different needs in terms of delta-V.

System Schematics

  • Four MEMS thrusters
  • One propellant tank with two integrated plenum chambers and an integrated fill and drain port
  • Two plenum isolation valves
  • Four thruster isolation valves
  • Six filters
  • One interface and control electronic board
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