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NanoProp 6DOF

The GomSpace NanoProp 6DOF is designed on mature technology for the ESA RACE mission. 6DOF propulsion is an enabling technology for advanced guidance navigation and control such as close-proximity operations and formation flying.

The NanoProp 6DOF means providing six degrees of freedom with rotation and translation capabilities along all three spatial axes of the spacecraft. 6DOF was developed in order to meet the current trend towards more innovative and capable CubeSats.

A complete 6DOF system would consist of two modules each containing two propellant tanks, one plenum tank and 6 thrusters.

6DOF Module Schematic

  • Six MEMS thrusters
  • Two propellant tanks with an integrated fill and drain port
  • One plenum tank
  • Two plenum valves
  • Six thruster valves
  • Eight filters
  • One interface and control electronic board
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