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Technical Documents

CAD - Parasolid - single and pyramid

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Reaction wheel for nanosatellites

Provides high torque and momentum storage capability for ambitious missions. Designed for integration into cubesat U-form factor allowing for compact packing of 4 wheel redundant setup either as pyramid or as 3 + 1.

  • Modular design allowing many setups with different number of wheels
  • Designed for long lif-time using advanced bearing technology
  • Plug’n’play compatible with GomSpace products and software frameworks

Main features

  • Long life brushless motor design
  • Integrated control electronics
  • Enclosed design
  • Hybrid bearings
    • Lubricant free
    • Vacuum rated
    • Long life
  • Redundant data interfaces
    • SPI
    • I2C
    • UART
  • Speed and torque control capability
  • Low jitter with precisely balanced flywheel


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