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NanoCom AX2150

The brand new NanoCom AX2150 is designed based on our years of experience and heritage of the AX100 VHF/UHF radio, which has flight heritage since 2014. This time we've designed a minituarised transceiver for the S-band spectrum. The success of the flight software and hardware from the NanoCom AX100 has been transfered to the AX2150 design. 

To give you the most flexible solution, AX2150 is designed so that it is fully in-flight reconfigurable of the carrier and intermediate frequencies, bitrate, and channel-filter bandwidth. 

We've made sure that the AX2150 keeps the exact same small formfactor as the AX100, which means that it is still dockable on the NanoDock DMC-3 together with several other subsystems. We know that communication between subsystems is key, so to make integration easier, the AX2150 has multiple CSP data interfaces (I2C, UART, CAN). It also incorporates ESD protected UART/GOSH console interface for easy use in a development laboratory setup.

The AX2150 can be used in several different configurations. Using two S-band patch antennas, it is possible to make the signals omnidirectional. 

The whole product with the aluminum shield weighs less than 32 grams.

Main RF Features:

  • Spacecraft variant: Uplink / Downlink: 2025-2110 MHz / 2200-2290 MHz
  • Bitrate from 9.6 kbps to 96 kbps
  • RF carrier frequency programmable in 1 Hz steps
  • Transmitter with adjustable (8 mW to 500 mW) output power

Main Baseband and Protocol Features:

  • GMSK modulation schemes
  • Frame encapsulation:
    • 32-bit ASM + Golay encoded variable length field
  • Framing options:
    • Reed-Solomon FEC (223, 255)
    • CRC32
    • CCSDS Randomization
    • HMAC (authentication)


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