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NanoCom AM2150-O

The NanoCom AM2150-O is the most recent product in the GomSpace antenna lineup. It is designed to be used seamlessly with our new NanoCom AX2150 S-band radio transceiver for TMTC. The module features the antenna itself and a PCB with a build-in release mechanism based on the "hold down and release" concept. This concept is used for all of our rod based antennas and has been deploying rods succesfully since 2013. An onboard MCU handles the burn wire release system and communicates through I2C and the GomSpace Release BUS (GSRB). The PCB also contains the RF match and a direct connection to the transceiver module through the MCX coaxial connector. The antenna solution is based on a 1/4-wave sleeved dipole type of antenna. This creates a radiation pattern which is similar to the pattern of a half-wave dipole.

Highlighted Features:

  • Deployable antenna designed with low loss materials
  • Coverage 2025 – 2290 MHz
  • Radiation pattern: near omni-directional depending on placement
  • Redundant release mechanism
  • Choice of mounting plates for different mounting locations.
  • The mounting plates have a selection of interface to other GomSpace modules such as, GPS, Flight preparation panel, Fine sun sensor, etc.
  • Mass of 24 g without a mounting plate.
  • Different backplates options making it possible to mount several subsystems in the same 1U space, including the following:
    • AM2150-O and Nanopower MSP A-1-1  
    • AM2150-O and Tallysman GPS antenna, Flight Preparation Panel, NanoSense FSS.

The AM2150-O can be used in a setup consisting of the NanoCom AX2150 S-band TMTC radio and the NanoCom AX Softmodem, to create a radio system that is capeable of communicating with commercially available ground station systems.  

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