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NanoCom AM2150-P/PS - Next Generation of TMTC antenna

The new NanoCom AM2150 antenna is designed to work with our new NanoCom AX2150 S-Band radio. The entire system is designed to work as the next generation of TMTC radios as the transmit power of the old UHF/VHF bands becomes less.

We've designed the AM2150 to be the same formfactor patch antenna as our current NanoCom ANT2000, which means that it is optimized to take up as little of the precious space on your satellite as possible. In addition to this, we've designed an adapter circuit that can be used on the AM2150. This meakes it possible to combine the AM2150-PS to the AM2150-P model and thereby get a near omnidirectional radiation pattern.

As the antenna is based on our current ANT2000 design, it means that the antenna and adapter module is already flight proven.

Main Features:

  • Coverage 2025 - 2290 MHz
  • Radiation pattern is near omnidirectional
  • RHCP Circular polarization
  • All metallic parts connected to ground
  • The system is not sensitive to feed phase. Therefore there are no restrictions on the coax cable length
  • Antenna gain:
    • > -12 dBi for 85% of directions
    • 0 dBi for 20% of directions

The antenna is mounted with MCX coaxial connectors.

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