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Technical Documents

Manual - UHF/VHF
Manual - Antenna Release System (AR6)
CAD - Parasolid - UHF
CAD - Parasolid - VHF
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GomSpace 6U Antenna system

The GomSpace Modular 6U Antenna System is a complex assembly combining multiple systems into the shallow area and the top and bottom of a 6U CubeSat. The modular system uses a carrier frame with several areas where components can be mounted.

The systems supports the following components:

  • GomSpace NanoCom S-band patch antenna
  • GomSpace NanoPower Modular solar panels 1 cell or 4 cell version
  • GomSpace NanoUtil MSP-FPP - Flight Preparation Panel
  • Propulsion adaptor for NanoSpace propulsion module

The antenna system is compatible with the GomSpace 6U Structures and can be mounted on either the top or bottom of the structure and is available in an UHF and VHF version.

The antenna system PCB is designed to be the least obstructive to any top or bottom mounted payload or panels. It has a low profile that allows a solar panel to be mounted on top, and a large aperture in the center suited for a protruding camera lens, propulsion hardware or similar. 


  • Consists of two rigid PCBs connecting with a Coax cable with a fix length depending on the requested frequency.
  • It is compatible with 6U structure.
  • Close to omnidirectional Canted Turnstile Cubesat Antenna
  • Dual Pole design, allows for a redundant transceiver connection
  • Available in a UHF and VHF product version
  • ANT6F UHF:
    • Frequency range: 340-680 MHz
    • Integrated antenna release system
  • ANT6F VHF:
    • Frequency range: 130-210 MHz
    • Includes external antenna release system (NanoUtil AR6) for 6U


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