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CAD - Parasolid
CAD - Parasolid wih DSN Filter
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NanoCom Link X

Based on the flight proven series of Software Defined Radios (SDR) with an integrated reconfigurable X band antenna, NanoCom Link X can provide raw transmit rates up to 225Mbps, making it ideal for supporting Remote Sensing, Earth Observation and SIGINT missions.

NanoCom Link X’s power, frequency and modulation/ coding can be dynamically configured and controlled in orbit to ensure optimum data throughput as it approaches and passes a ground station. Mission flexibility is enhanced by on-board Store and Forward capability with up to 120 GB of data storage available for transferring payload data by space-wire or RS-422 interfaces and TCP/IP protocols. CAN and CSP are provided for configuration and control. Support for flight scheduled data-transmission is provided which includes the ability to split large files for partial transfer or retransfer.

DVB-S2 MODCODs (ETSI EN 302 307-1 V1.4.1) compliant, NanoCom Link X has also been verified with commercial off-the-self demodulators and is compatible with major commercial ground station service providers. GomSpace’s Link Connect Software for Ground Systems also supports NanoCom Link X.

For orbits passing near NASA’s Deep Space Network ground stations, an optional DSN filter kit is available if needed.


NanoCom Link X – KEY FEATURES:

Communication / RF

  • Configurable raw transmit rate up to 225Mbps

  • DVB-S2 compliant

  • Configurable RF output power up to 33dBm (31dBm with DSN filter)


  • Frequency: 8000-8500 MHz

  • Bandwidth: 500 MHz

  • Polarisation: RHCP

  • Gain: >13 dB (peak), >10 dB (20° beam width)


  • Up to 120GB local downlink data buffer

  • 3xSpaceWire, CAN and RS-422 interfaces

  • Supported Input Protocols: CSP and TCP/IP

Size, weight and power

Integrated Antenna:

  • 1U panel for mounting on satellite surface

  • Mass: 144/150/131g

  • DC Power consumption 7-23W (depending on settings)

  • Power supply voltage 12-32V DC

  • Communication interface supply voltage 5V DC


  • Mass: 272g (optional X-band DSN Kit 221g)

  • DC Power consumption 4.5-8W (depending on mode)

  • Power supply voltage 12-32V DC

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