Flexible high speed S-band radio transceiver

The SR2000 is built on GomSpace SDR platform and is implemented as a ready to use S-band radio with a radio firmware. 

The SR2000 S-band radio can be used for:

  • High Speed Link solution for satellite to ground communication (HSL)

To have a full solution use the S-band patch antenna ANT2000 for ground link.

Main Features

System Overview:

  • S-band radio firmware (cannot be modified) based on GomSpace Software Defined Radio
  • Transceiver compatible with the GomSpace S-band patch antennae module(s)
  • Flexible layer-3 bandwidth up to 6 Mbps (FDD)
  • Fully configurable in-orbit
  • Compliant with GomSpace CSP
  • Consist of:
    • NanoDock SDR
    • NanoCom TR600
    • NanoMind Z7000
    • S-band radio firmware

Radio System:

  • High-speed QPSK transceiver for point-to-point S-band communications
  • Frequency and time division duplex support
  • Symbol rate 500 kBd to 7 MBd
  • S-band operation (1980-2290 MHz)
  • Dual-modem support allows two simultaneous RF links
  • Adjustable output power
  • PC104 form factor
  • Interfaces: CAN, LVDS, I2C and SSMCX antenna connectors
  • Operational temperature: -40°C to +85°C

S-band radio software

For communication with your nanosatellite using S-band or for intersatellite links on S-band we recommend to use our ready-built S-band radio software. This software is included as part of our S-band radio NanoCom SR2000.

The firmware is provided as pre-installed closed source radio firmware and allows communication even under poor link conditions by using error correction algorithms (FEC and Reed-Solomon).

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