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S-band patch antenna for high speed communication

ANT2000 is a family of active antennae specifically designed for interfacing with GomSpace SDR transceivers and S-band radios. The active antenna is built as a sandwich around a shield/mounting plate. The RF signal connection between the antenna and electronics PCBs are made with RF compression connectors. This construction allows flexible mounting on several different satellite structures just by changing the shield/mounting plate.

Main Features

  • Integrated antenna and PA/LNA results in low loss and optimum RF performance
  • Duplex filter based design results in optimum co-existence with other RF transceivers on-board.
  • Flexible sandwich construction allows flexible mounting on different satellite structures – just by changing the shield/mounting plate.
  • Flexible power interface (8-18 V)
  • Default CAN-bus control interface (I2C option)
  • Medium gain (8 dBi) patch antenna with RHCP polarization (LHCP option)
  • Temperature sensors
  • Current sensor
  • PCB material: Glass/Polyimide IPC 6012C cl. 3/A
  • IPC-A-610 Class 3 assembly


  • Inter Satellite Link version
    • NanoCom ANT2150-ISL supports Time Division Duplex in 2200-2290 MHz frequency band
  • Earth-Space Communication version
    • NanoCom ANT-2150-DUP for full duplex with RX in 2025-2110 MHz and TX in 2200-2290 MHz
  • Satellite Mobile Services version (Variant with extended lead time)
    • NanoCom ANT-2090-DUP for full duplex with RX in 1980-2010 MHz and TX in 2170-2200 MHz


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