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Ship Tracking with Space based AIS Receiver

The Satlab QubeAIS is a fully self-contained SDR based Automatic Identification System receiver (AIS), which is suitable for LEO satellite missions. Weighing less than 55 g and using only 800 mW during full load.

This versatile SDR offers excellent performance given the typical constraints of a CubeSat - or as an additional payload on larger satellites.

The Satlab QubeAIS has flown on several successful missions. Aalborg University have public data from their AAUSAT3 mission.

Main Features

AIS Receiver Board features:

  • Easy to configure stand-alone AIS receiver
  • Monitors both AIS channels simultaneously
  • Possible to download raw IF spectrum samples
  • Low Power

RF Features:

  • -113 dBm sensitivity
  • LNA and SAW filters onboard
  • Multiple connector and placement options


  • Delivered with SW library for easy integration
  • CubeSat Space Protocol (CSP)
  • UART and CAN

Mechanical Features:

  • PC/104 form factor
  • MCX or SMA antenna connector
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