Power Supplies

GomSpace’s line of power supplies for nanosatellites date back to the AAU-cubesat student satellite launched in 2003 with continuous improvements and lessons learned integrated into the product line since then.

For the smaller platforms the power supply model is the NanoPower P31 version, which has flown successfully on many missions.

For platforms larger than 3U GomSpace recommends the NanoPower P60 system that has been developed as a very flexible solution for advanced and demanding spacecrafts. It is fully qualified and will be integrated with the GOMX-4A and B satellites in 2017.

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NanoPower P60 System
NanoPower P60 System

NanoPower P60 Power system for large nanosatellites

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NanoPower P31u
NanoPower P31u

Electrical Power Supply system for small nanosatellites:
- Optimal for 1U and 2U platforms with battery on-board
- Battery voltage 8V

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