Complete power system for 3U-nanosatellite

GomSpace power systems provides a full power solution for any Cubesat mission in a compact space including maximum power point tracking, charging management, managed power distribution and batteries on a single board.

PowerPacks include a full configuration of the basic NanoPower boards with solar panels and harness on larger cubesats. 

PowerPacks are compatible with other vendor structures and integrate seamlessly with other GomSpace products, e.g. the NanoMind on-board computers and related software products for mission management and attitude determination and control.

The 3U Power Pack includes a power supply, battery pack and full solar panel set for a 3U nanosatellite:

  • 1 NanoPower P31uS
  • 1 NanoPower BP4
  • 1 NanoPower P110UA
  • 1 NanoPower P110UB
  • 1 NanoPower P110UC
  • 1 NanoPower P110A
  • 1 NanoPower P110B
  • 1 NanoPower P110C
  • 4 NanoPower P110AS
  • 4 NanoPower P110BS
  • Power Harness

Main features:

  • Photovoltaic power up to 60 W
  • Two regulated power buses: 3.3V@5A and 5V@4A
  • Up to six 3.3V@3A outputs
  • Up to six 5V@3A outputs
  • Battery capacity: 2600-5200 mAh


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