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NanoPower BP8

The NanoPower BP8 is a high-capacity lithium ion battery pack with integrated protection system, cell balancing, cell fault detection and heating system. Two BP8 battery packs can be coupled in parallel using the on-board connectors – doubling the capacity of the battery string.


NanoPower BP8 - Key Features

  • Battery
    • Lithium battery pack for space applications
  • Power specifications
    • Utilizes 18650 ion cells, 3000 mAh cell (Nominal)
    • Nominal Voltage: 28.8 V
    • Max current discharge: 4 A
  • Battery system functionality
    • Possible to put battery pack in parallel through the 2 on-board connectors
    • 8S1P configuration
    • Cell balancing and monitoring for battery longevity
    • Over- and under voltage protection
    • Over current protection
    • Battery cycle counter
    • State of charge (SOC) estimation
    • Autonomous/manual heater system included
    • Two stage battery pack passivation system


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