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The NanoPower Tracking Solar Panels

Introducing the all new NanoPower TSP. Give your satellite platform maximum power output with a deployable solar array with sun tracking. It is integrable on platforms as small as 6U and provides suntracking along one axis with our NanoPower SADA-50 gearbox. During launch the solar arrays are latched to the satellite using the Hold Down Release Mechanisms. The stowed volume of the panels only protrudes less than 10 mm from the rails of the structure. 

When commanded, the panel will release and the low mass carbon fiber support structure will deploy and span 980 mm per wing from center of spacecraft, when mounted on a GomSpace 6U structure. Each of the panels holds 15 triple junction solar cells. This means that each wing can produce a power output of up to 45 W. 


Main Features

  • 15 cells/panels arranged in two strings of 0.5A@16.8V and 0.5A@19.2V, respectively
  • Each cell has a bypass diode attached
  • Temperature sensor on each wing
  • Build-In pads for release detection
  • Stowed volume: 330 mm x 208 mm x 9 mm
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