Software is half of the mission and well thought out, integrated and tested software significantly increases the flexibility and outcome of the mission.

GomSpace’s software philosophy is based on viewing the whole mission as a network containing a number of autonomous nodes that can communicate transparently with each other in a distributed architecture. To support this view, we have developed the Cubesat Space Protocol (CSP) to be the internal satellite bus protocol. Using this a radio device can be considered a “router” that connects different physical CSP networks.

The GomSpace Hardware Platform also supports the distributed architecture and when combining the GomSpace Software and Hardware Platform, the step towards a fully integrated satellite is very small and low risk, leaving more time and resources for mission specific payload integration.

The distributed architecture is characterised by:

  • Autonomous nodes
  • All nodes can be operated and controlled from Ground Station
  • All nodes can communicate with each other
  • Plug-and-Play design philosophy, enabled by CSP

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Platform Software
Platform Software

To command your satellite, schedule activities and get telemetry data you need the right software on both the onboard computer and the ground station.

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ADCS Software
ADCS Software

We provide ADCS software for both basic de-tumbeling and stabilization of nanosatellites and for full control and pointing of nanosatellites.

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