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The GomSpace 6U professional platform has been designed as a standardised mid-level 6U CubeSat. This model can accommodate missions with high power requirements, high data volumes and precise ADCS requirements. The platform has a data link system which consists of S-band up- and down-link and X-band downlink.  

The GomSpace 6U professional platform provides: electrical power management, deployable solar panels, precise ADCS (star tracker), TMTC, OBC functionalities, and S-band and X-band data links. Propulsion (cold gas or electric) can be provided on request.   

More information can be found in the GomSpace Platform White Paper.



Bus Mass 6 kg
Max Payload Mass 6 kg
Payload Volume 3.5 U
Solar Array Orbit Average Power (OAP) (Orbit Dep)  -8.4 - 46.1 W
Power Bus 3.3V, 5V, 8V, 12V, 18V, 24V up to 2A
Battery Capacity 77 Wh
Determination Error Sun/Eclipse 200 arcsec
Pointing Error Sun/Eclipse 250 arcsec
Max Slew Rate 10° / s
Position Knowledge (RMS) 3 m
Data Storage Up to 120 GB
Data Buses Space Wire, CAN, RS422 and TTL level UART
TMTC Communication Uplink  /  Downlink: S-band
High Speed Link (HSL) Communication Uplink: S-band  /  Downlink: S-band and X-band
TMTC Data Downlink Up to 90 kbps
High Speed Link (HSL) Data Downlink (CCSDS Compatible) From 500 kbps ​​​​to 6 Mbps (S-band) and up to 225 Mbps (X-band)
High Speed Link (HSL) Data Uplink (CCSDS Compatible) From 500 kbps ​​​​to 6 Mbps (S-band)
Propulsion (optional) 10 to 300 m/s
Security AES256 Encryption and Authentication
Design Lifetime 5 years in LEO
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