Jan 1
The Beginning
The original founders of GomSpace meet as students at Aalborg University. Their critical, enthusiastic and analytical approach to technology gave them the nick name Grumpy Old Men in academic circles (GOM: later became the beginning letters of company name). They worked hard and had a dream as many entrepreneurs do. Their dream was ambitious but also simple in nature: They wanted to put something into space! They found the right networks, showed innovation and excellence in their efforts on technology thus contributing to the new era of nanosatellites and building up the backbone and heart of what later became GomSpace.
Jan 1
The Establishment
GomSpace is established at Novi Science Park. First projects are research-related and customers are primarily within the segments of academia and science.
Jan 1
1st Mission
1st GomSpace mission is launched. GOMX-1 is an experimental 2U nanosatellite that was launched onboard a Dnepr rocket. The primary mission objective was to demonstrate aircraft tracking from space based on reception of ADS-B signals. GomSpace has 10 employees and customers in 30 countries.
Jan 1
Shift in Strategy and new Business Focus
The nanosatellite technology and the growing awareness of its commercial opportunities give reason to a shift in strategy and new business focus from GomSpace. The opportunities of the commercial markets for nanosatellites are written into GomSpace's strategy and materialized in the organisation. The long-term vision is set to embrace industrialization, create consolidation and lay the foundations for future large scale production of nanosatellites.
Oct 1
The GOMX-3 satellite was launched in collaboration with ESA and exceeded all expectations demonstrating robust performance and novel applications. Demonstrations included X-band downlink, 2nd gen. air traffic receiver and advanced software defined radio techniques.
Jun 1
Listed on Nasdaq
GomSpace is listed on Nasdaq in Sweden and GS Sweden is founded.
Oct 1
Expanding and Adding Subsidiary NanoSpace AB to the GomSpace Group
GS Sweden acquires NanoSpace AB. NanoSpace develops propulsion systems which are central to complete GomSpace's product portfolio.

Jan 2
Expanding for Large-Scale Production
GomSpace opens up its new production facilities at headquarters in Aalborg, Denmark and is now prepared to provide big constellations of small satellites.
Feb 1
The GomSpace Group has more than 80 employees and customers in more than 50 countries.
Sep 1
GomSpace will launch the GOMX-4 mission which includes 2 nanosatellites that will fly in tandem. Project partners are DTU, The Danish Defence and ESA.
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