Kelly Antonini, Systems Engineer
I have been at GomSpace since May 2017, when I started as a Systems Engineer.

In that role, I follow a spacecraft project from the bid phase to post-launch. Being a project's technical lead, I work alongside the Project Manager, and depending on the specific project phase, my day-to-day activities are extremely varied. I might be consolidating requirements; coordinating R&D engineers; designing the spacecraft in CAD; building and maintaining system budgets; documenting; building the spacecraft in the clean room during the AIV phase; or coordinating the spacecraft operations.

I hold a Master’s Degree in Earth Oriented Space Science and Technology (ESPACE) from the Technical University of Munich (TUM) and moved to Denmark specifically for this position. My role at GomSpace is providing me with invaluable insight into the CubeSat industry and no day on the job has ever been the same, with a new exciting activity waiting right around the corner. I am proud to be working for GomSpace, as to me, it represents high standards and quality, exciting projects, an excellent work environment, and a good work-life balance.

If you are looking for a new career challenge in the space business, I am confident that GomSpace will deliver.
Shreyas Chandrashekar, Mechanical Engineer
I have been working as a Mechanical engineer at GomSpace Sweden since September 2018. My responsibilities here are to design and analyze propulsion systems for nanosatellites. I help build or modify the system design using design tools and analyze them to make sure they are structurally and thermally stable enough for space missions.

I have a master’s degree from KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden in the field of aerospace engineering. GomSpace has helped me realize my childhood passion for aerospace and I feel grateful to have been given this opportunity to pursue a career in this field, at this company.

GomSpace has a good mix of people from different backgrounds and nationalities. I feel happy working in this environment, which focuses on growth and its very exciting coming to the workplace each day as it brings with it a new set of challenges. We, at GomSpace, aim to deliver high quality products and solutions to the customers and I feel fortunate to be contributing in helping the company achieve its goals. If you are such a person looking for expanding your career in space technology, then this is the place to be!
Umut Cindemir, Development Engineer
I started working in GomSpace Sweden as a micro propulsion systems engineer. My main task is designing propulsion systems for nanosatellites.

Before joining GomSpace, I got my PhD degree in 2016 from Uppsala University and continued to work as a researcher.

Building a micro propulsion system is a multidisciplinary task, involving nanotechnology, electronics and mechanics. The field we are working is challenging and demanding – yet fun. Taking part in projects for prestigious commercial customers and agencies is very satisfying. Excitement and topic are not the only reasons for me to enjoy my work but also the attitude of my colleagues in GomSpace Sweden. There are different cultures, backgrounds giving us a wide scope to solve challenges. It is a blessing to be among bright and dedicated people to accomplish missions together.
Jane Ribergaard Holm, Director of Business Development
I started working at GomSpace in February 2017. My role is to grow the business mainly through new technology developments and demonstration missions in space ensuring that we maintain our position as one of the most advanced CubeSat providers in the world. At GomSpace, we do most of our business development in collaboration with other players in the space industry. As such, I am responsible for all our activities related to the European Space Agency as well as a number of the largest space companies in the world.

Working at GomSpace you will experience highly dedicated colleagues who are passionate about what they do. Further to this, there is a high degree of flexibility as well as trust and confidence in you as an employee fulfilling your role in the company. This is very satisfying and makes you grow and improve your skills every day. GomSpace is an amazing journey to be part of. Once you enter, you don’t want to leave.
Dannie Toft Nielsen , AIV Engineer
Since December 2017, I’ve been a part of Gomspace as AIV Engineer. In this position I have a wide interface to different departments, working closely together with System Engineers, development teams as HW, SW and Mech. All together, our mission is to move projects including our products combined customer payloads from development phase into flight ready spacecrafts. Always to ensure and improve quality of our HW, Im also in close contact with our Production and QA team.

For me, It’s a privilege to be a part of putting all the electronics, mechanics and software together, ending up in a fully working and operational satellite, just waiting to orbit.
There’s no doubt – It is certainly very exciting to be a part of existing and all the new missions that Gomspace and our customers will bring in the future.
Virginia Hanessian, Systems Engineer
I've been working at GomSpace since April 2016 as a Systems Engineer. I have been in space sector for 6 years now and for me, it is very impressive how GomSpace has managed to get a place among the big players of the sector worldwide. It began as a start-up for academic purposes and small missions, and in a short period of time, it has been migrating to more complex missions, causing big investors to look at GomSpace as a reliable company, in which they trust challenging bigger projects or even constellations. I am very proud to be part of this thriving business that allow me to develop my professional skills. Even though I had to leave my home country, Mexico,

I came to Denmark to contribute and learn at GomSpace, and it was well worth it. What makes me want to stay is the good management, planning and the work environment. People are always willing to help and are always concerned for the happiness of the co-workers. There are several social activities through the year, including family members, which is always a priority. With flexible times, the job becomes less stressful and the employees yield effective results. There are currently several projects running with different missions as well as a constant investment to secure new high quality products.
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Lars Vestergaard, Head of Products and Services
I have been with GomSpace since August 2016 as hardware engineer, where my main task is to design various electronic circuits for our nanosatellites. I got my degree from Aalborg University in 2006 and since then I have been working with hardware design in different companies. Working as an engineer at GomSpace is exciting, challenging and fun. Creating a nanosatellite often requires people to think outside the box and that is one of the reasons that we have fun here at GomSpace.

People come here with different professional and personal backgrounds and even different nationalities, but we are all working for the same mission and are creating fantastic solutions for our customers. I will recommend to join us if you want to work in an informal environment where you will make a difference for new-space business.
Ulla Holm Carstensen, Production Operator
I have been working at GomSpace since December 2017 as a production operator, where I have been part of the production from the beginning and had the opportunity of creating high quality products. As a new member of GomSpace, I felt welcome right from the start, and through a mentoring scheme, there was taken good care of me. The exciting part of this job is that I'm allowed to "nerd" with the things in production.

At GomSpace, the whole world is gathered in one place where several of the world's nationalities are represented through the employees. If you want a workplace with development, good atmosphere and quality in focus, GomSpace is the place for you.
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