Søren Bæk Jensen, Mechanical Engineer
I started working in GomSpace in 2018 coming from a background in the renewable energy industry. Space has always been a mystery that sparked my imagination, and I was astonished to learn that there was a booming space industry in my hometown, I just had to be a part of it! Designing for space holds some unique mechanical challenges. Dealing with the extreme environment of space sometimes require creative solutions. Field testing is virtually impossible, and we can’t go service the spacecraft once it is launched. This made me a bit anxious at first, but a team of amazing supporting colleagues eased me into this.

The colleagues and spirit are a big part of what makes GomSpace special. The company is dynamic and contrary to what the name might suggest, there aren’t any Grumpy Old Men. As well as having a supportive team at work, I often spend time with both Danish and international colleagues in my spare time. Over my time at GomSpace, I have grown as an engineer and due to the lively social network, I have learnt a lot about traditions from different cultures.
Alexa Hartaganu Chincisan, Proposal Manager
I have been a part of the GomSpace Mission since October 2022. My journey as a Proposal Manager has exceed my expectations in regards to how much I have developed professionally. From Day 1 I felt very supported and inspired and I see myself thriving here - in an environment that pushes me to learn more every day. My daily tasks are never boring, to say the least; I work with many projects at once, coordinating various tasks and engineers, which makes my role very dynamic and productive.

I came to Denmark to start my University Education and immediately knew that working and collaborating with Danish colleagues and environments was meant for me. I really like the structure and the flexibility that GomSpace provides to my work-life. Moreover, there is a high level of responsibility that comes with my role, and I enjoy knowing that I have my colleagues' trust.
Kelly Antonini, Systems Engineer
I have been at GomSpace since May 2017, when I started as a Systems Engineer.

In that role, I follow a spacecraft project from the bid phase to post-launch. Being a project's technical lead, I work alongside the Project Manager, and depending on the specific project phase, my day-to-day activities are extremely varied. I might be consolidating requirements; coordinating R&D engineers; designing the spacecraft in CAD; building and maintaining system budgets; documenting; building the spacecraft in the clean room during the AIV phase; or coordinating the spacecraft operations.

I hold a Master’s Degree in Earth Oriented Space Science and Technology (ESPACE) from the Technical University of Munich (TUM) and moved to Denmark specifically for this position. My role at GomSpace is providing me with invaluable insight into the CubeSat industry and no day on the job has ever been the same, with a new exciting activity waiting right around the corner. I am proud to be working for GomSpace, as to me, it represents high standards and quality, exciting projects, an excellent work environment, and a good work-life balance.

If you are looking for a new career challenge in the space business, I am confident that GomSpace will deliver.
Virginia Hanessian, Senior Project Manager
I've started working at GomSpace in 2016 as a Systems Engineer. I have been in the space sector for 8 years now, and today my position is Senior Project Manager. For me, it is very impressive how GomSpace has managed to get a place among the big players of the sector worldwide. It began as a start-up for academic purposes and small missions, and in a short period of time, it has been migrating to more complex missions, causing big investors to look at GomSpace as a reliable company, in which they trust challenging bigger projects or even constellations. I am very proud to be part of this thriving business that allow me to develop my professional skills. Even though I had to leave my home country, Mexico,

I came to Denmark to contribute and learn at GomSpace, and it was well worth it. What makes me want to stay is the good management, planning and the work environment. People are always willing to help and are always concerned for the happiness of the co-workers. There are several social activities through the year, including family members, which is always a priority. With flexible times, the job becomes less stressful and the employees yield effective results. There are currently several projects running with different missions as well as a constant investment to secure new high quality products.
Jan H. Persson, Senior Project Manager
Space has always been a fascination for me, as an amateur astronomer and following the spaceflights in the news. Learning about the universe around us teaches us many sciences. I had the good fortune of starting my career in the satellite industry in Sweden, and that is a journey I am committed to.

After working more then 40 years with equipment and subsystems for sounding rockets, satellites, and launchers I joined GomSpace in 2022. This brings a completely new aspect to the space industry for me. At GomSpace I can follow the space mission from component and subsystem level, up to a complete satellite, launch and the follow-on mission. As a project manager this gives me an overview, but also an opportunity to work with talented co-workers. At GomSpace I work with engineers, manufacturing personnel and other managers at all levels in a symbioses to fulfill the mission. Together we solve technical problems, gain knowledge from space missions and utilizing the spaceflight missions to help life on our fragile planet.

In the day-to-day work I get the opportunity to use everything I have learned in life so far and get to work with many talented people and professionals, and to learn more from others. Working closely in project teams we develop new efficient solutions and deliver satellites to our customers satisfaction.
Simon Nymann Gnap, AOCS Engineer
The idea of working on something that is going into outer space has been a fascination of mine since I can remember. Right after graduation in 2021, I got an opportunity of working at GomSpace as an AOCS engineer where I soon became familiar with the many complex space missions that GomSpace could offer. What I am grateful for at GomSpace, is that I could define my own direction in gaining competencies both personally and professionally.

At GomSpace I challenged myself to take on a high level of responsibility for the next generation of AOCS software specifically for deep space exploration missions. I was in charge of driving the AOCS from requirement specification breakdown through prototype development, testing, and validation. Here I got familiar with the actuators and sensors used to operate satellites and design dedicated AOCS algorithms used for controlling the satellite’s attitude and guidance.
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