Keeping Track of What you Care for

Satellites conveniently offer the opportunity to track assets globally with standard solutions for tracking assets already broadcasting relevant information:

  • Maritime vessels by reception of their AIS transponder signal
  • Aircrafts by reception of their ADS-B transponder signal

GomSpace has strong experience with both applications and has been a pioneer in developing and demonstrating space based aircraft monitoring though our investments in the GOMX-1 and GOMX-3 missions. Depending on the need for coverage and revisit time we deliver constellations of nanosatellites to meet your needs based on our advanced communication systems and flexible satellite platforms.

Tracking solutions for other assets can be designed as a turn-key solution based on the needs of the application and our radio technology building blocks for rapid design of new payloads.

Relevant Case Stories:

The picture below is a global map of aircraft positions as generated by our GOMX-3 mission in 2016.

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