How to get in touch with us:
Do you wish to place an order?

Browse our website for options and subsystems available.

Add one or more of your favorites to quote request and send the list to our sales department who will contact you as soon as possible.

You may also request user access to our customer portal for more information on our products and services. You will receive an e-mail with notice and granted access as soon as possible.

Do you need technical support for products purchased?

For any platform, software or hardware there can be a need for support during the a customers project. GomSpace can help you realize your project through various levels of support to mission design and integration. 

For any project we always provide basic support by e-mail or phone (up to 8 hours) answering reasonable questions to clarify documentation. 

If you as a customer would like help with specifying the configurable product options, 3D CAD model of your project or help during integration, we have different service levels that can help you in your project:

  • Extended project support
  • Intensive project support
  • Turn-key project implementation

For information on our offers for project support, please contact us.

You can also submit support requests on GomSpace helpcenter.

If you have questions regarding purchased products, please send an e-mail to our support team on:


Do you wish to apply for a job within GomSpace?

Apply for one of our open vacancies 

Send us your unsolicited application

Do you wish to invest in GomSpace?

Go to our sites on investor relations and read more about investing in GomSpace

The main spokesman for the GomSpace Group is CEO Niels Buus. He has the overall responsibility of facilitating communication between the company and the financial market.

Financial analysts, shareholders, investors and their advisers may address their enquiries to:

GomSpace A/S
Investor Relations
Langagervej 6
9220 Aalborg East

Phone: +45 71 741 741

Or by email: Use the contact form on this page

Do you want to meet GomSpace at upcoming events?

GomSpace participates in a number of conferences and exhibitions and arranges own events.

We are actively present at both investor related events, as well as recruiting and business related conferences.

To see where you can meet us next, go to our list of upcoming events.


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GomSpace Group AB
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GomSpace A/S
Langagervej 6
9220 Aalborg East
+45 71 741 741
Vat no. DK30899849
GomSpace Sweden AB
Ulls Väg 29A
756 51 Uppsala
T: +46 018 55 13 01
Vat no. SE5566430475
GomSpace North America LLC
211 North Union Street, Suite 100
Alexandria, VA 22314
United States
+1 703 866 8742
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GomSpace Luxembourg S.à.r.l.
11, Boulevard du Jazz
L-4370 Esch-Belvaux
+45 71 741 741
Vat no. LU30442141
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