GomSpace is About People - Treasuring our Employees is Essential to Treasuring our Customers. 

Employees at GomSpace are guided by a set of values. The values are built into the core of our company and they describe how we wish to operate our company. We believe that putting these values into practice every day benefits our customers, our employees, our shareholders, and the space community that we are a part of. Our values define our key behaviors and serve as a guidepost to help us achieve the full potential of our company. 

Quality: Our products and services will always be the best in their class. We will deliver the highest quality, and continuously improve our products and services to respond quickly to a rapidly expanding and evolving space market.

Customer Focus: We are devoted to our customers. From initial sales contact to product delivery, the highest priority at GomSpace understands our customer’s goals to deliver our solutions flawlessly and on time. 

Leadership: We strive to provide leadership both as a company, and as individuals in our fields. We lead with ingenuity and teamwork to meet the challenges of space engineering together to ensure all aspects of our customer’s mission success.

Ethics: We are committed to practicing the highest ethical standards in all aspects of our business. Engendering trust in our products, personnel and business by honoring our commitments to our clients and the law is at the core of how we conduct our operations.

Diversity: We value the differences brought out by a diverse team of people from many backgrounds. It is this diversity that helps us develop innovative and creative solutions to meet our customer’s needs. GomSpace fosters cooperation and communication which enables us to make decisions that advance our company, and ourselves towards continuous success. 

Walking the talk is even more essential to a good work environment. We constantly seek to:

Live our values: Every employee at GomSpace knows that our values are more than simply words on a page. We all work together to ensure that our company continues to lead and achieve success in our field. We work with integrity and passion, and a commitment to our values that drives our success forward into the future.

Commit to excellence:  Each of us know the value of delivering the best possible solutions. Every GomSpace employee, in management, finance, sales, engineering, production and support strives to perform at the top of their field to achieve the full operating and financial potential of our company.

Commit to open communication: It is crucial to our success that we communicate clearly and openly in our company, both when the news is good, and when the news is bad. Effectively and quickly communicating both problems and breakthroughs allow us to rapidly respond to any situation, guaranteeing our customer's success and our own efficient operation.

Complete collaboration: The tremendous potential of GomSpace comes directly from the talented people who work here. By encouraging cooperative efforts at every level and across all organizations, we can continue to make our company stronger and secure our future success.



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