GomSpace Presentations

Below is an extract of GomSpace presentations of interest to investors. GomSpace is Listed on Nasdaq in Stockholm and has its HQ in Denmark but is a global company and our shareholdes are worldwide located. Therefore, our presentations are available in both Swedish, Danish and English versions.

 Presentation slides applied in latest IR presentation 

GomSpace presented at Stora Aktiedagen, November 2018 in Gothenburg by CFO, Troels Dalsgaard Nørmølle, 





GomSpace presented at Aktiedagen, September 2018, in Copenhagen by CEO, Niels Buus:


GomSpace presentation from Aktiedagen, 2nd May 2018, in Stockholm, Sweden by CFO, Troels Dalsgaard Nørmølle:


GomSpace presentation from Stora Aktiedagen, December 2017, in Gothenburg, Sweden by CFO, Troels Dalsgaard Nørmølle:

English Speak


GomSpace presentation from Investordagen, June 2017, in Aarhus, Denmark by CEO, Niels Buus:

Danish Speak


GomSpace presented at Aktiedagen, February 2017, in Jönköbing, Sweden by CEO, Niels Buus:

English Speak


GomSpace presented on Stora Aktiedagen in 2016, Gothenburg in Sweden by CFO, Troels Dalsgaard Nørmølle:

English speak, presentation in Swedish


GomSpace presented on IR event, 2016 in Aarhus, Denmark by CEO, Niels Buus:

Danish speak


GomSpace presented on IR event in Goteborg in Sweden in 2016 by CEO: 

English speak, presentation in Swedish


 Aktieanalyse, 2016 by Analyst Group (in Swedish)


GomSpace Prospects:

 Prospect Document - Swedish

 Prospect Document - English

 Prospect Summary Document - Danish

 Prospect Summary Document - Norwegian

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