• Defence and Security

    To Serve and Protect


    Military, intelligence and security solutions built on tested and well-proven platforms and architectures.

    We recognize unique requirements for the system and project implementation that needs skillfull handling – including:

    • Implementation of strong data encryption and other cyber security measures

    • Additional resilience (ECCM) built into the solutions to cope with adversary action

    • Integration of new space based capabilities into exisiting C4ISR infrastructures


    • Aircraft position reports are acquired globally by reception of Mode-S / ADS-B transponder signals emitted by the aircraft
    • Applications involve surveillance for air traffic control, tracking of specific business jets, verification of posted flight plans
    • GomSpace will deploy a commercial constellation for use by Air Navigation Service Providers in 2018-19


    • Similar to ADS-B / Air Surveillance, GomSpace has a space proven system for reception of ship AIS signals from space

    • Single satellite in polar low earth orbit provides global update approximately every 12 hours

    • Single satellite in Equatorial orbit can provide updated regional picture every 90 minutes

    • Space based AIS can support national authorities for general surveillance

      - pirate hunting
      - search-and-rescue
      - sheries monitoring
      - linking tracks to oil spills

    • Ships can turn off AIS (illegally), but space based AIS has ability to monitor globally and detect anomalies


    • 4 kg satellite with agile pointing for low cost imaging with 30 meter/pixel color resolution
    • Supplements high-resolution (higher cost) imaging from commercial services or national satellites
    • Locally installed ground station and training of operators. Ideal for getting rst experience before procuring higher performance system


    • 10 kg satellite with 5 meter/pixel color resolution
    • Highly agile satellite allows target tracking and multiple acquisitions per overfight
    • Very high data-handling downlink capacity to maximize mission output
    • Alternative sensors can be considered, e.g. infra red sensors
    • Constellations of imaging satellites allows global monitoring with a very high update rate, e.g. for initial battle damage assessment
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