Nanosatellite from GomSpace for Surveillance Demonstration for the Artic


By this agreement, the Danish Defence will have its own first satellite which can contribute to its surveillance of the Artic. The satellite, small in size measuring just 30cm x 20cm x 10cm, will have radio receivers able to track and locate all traffic of ships and airplanes within the area.

The demonstration is part of an analysis seeking to identify best-practice and future efforts reinforcing the Danish Defense’s surveillance of the Artic within the Kingdom. The satellite has been named ”Ulloriaq” after the word ”star” in the Greenlandic language.

”We look forward to working closely with DALO and DTU on this exciting project and jointly develop and demonstrate the Ulloriaq mission” says Niels Buus, CEO from GomSpace.

Nanosatellite technology has matured over recent years and GomSpace is at the forefront of application development and commercialisation of the technology.

“Our satellite and radio technologies are a perfect match for monitoring the vast and remote arctic area with the satellite flying over the scene every 90 minutes”, Niels Buus concludes.

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