6U Explode VeiwThe advanced 6U platform configuration is based on the flight proven GomSpace platform used in the successfull GOMX-4 mission launched in February 2018. It is the baseline platform for many commercial missions delivered by GomSpace. 

Main Application Areas

  • Professional radio communication missions
  • Air traffic or sea vessel monitoring
  • IoT data communication constellations
  • In-orbit demonstration mission for commercial customers
  • Science missions





Peak Power

12 W with full set of modular bodymounted solar panels

Platform power consumption

6 W

Battery capacity

77 Wh

Platform mass

5.6 kg

Platform lifetime

Designed for 5 years operational lifetime with proven flight heritage



Payload space

4U - can host multiple commercial or scientific payload

Average payload power

Depending on orbit – contact our sales department

Max. payload mass

4-6 kg - depending on launch deployer

Payload Interfaces

I2C, UART and CAN bus

Power Bus

3.3V, 5V, 8V, 12V, 18V, 24V



Flight Heritage since

Power System

6 channel solar power input module, 18 latchup and overcurrent protected power outputs, large battery pack, modular solar panels on all sides of the satellite, 6U harness set



6U structure with internal mounting rigs


Command & Management

Onboard computer with mission software SDK's


Communication system

UHF radio and omnidirectional UHF antenna


ADCS System

Dedictated ADCS computer with ADCS SDK software, 6 fine sunsensors, magnetometor, 4 reaction wheels, GPS module, 3-axis magnetorquer 



If further pointing or position knowledge and control is needed this can be added as platform elements to the ADCS system.
Also GomSpace can provide a Cold Gas Propulsion system to support orbital manuevers during mission lifetime or for faster de-orbiting after end of main mission lifetime. To increase the available payload and platform power larger deployable solar panels can be chosen.

To reduce development costs use the GomSpace predesigned 6U Standard Platform for your mission and take advantage of our knowledge and flight heritage to support your mission.
For a standard platform delivery without payload integration, lead time is 6 months from receipt of order.

Integration and Environmental Tests

The platform and its elements have been qualified according to the GomSpace qualification program, which includes tests in: Vibration, thermal cycling, heated vacuum, radiation and thermal stress.
The platform is tested and ready for payload integration. Payload integration is offered by GomSpace as a paid service.


  • Product manuals and datasheets
  • Platform qualification program description
  • Platform checkout certificate
  • Integration manual and test plan

Available Services and Options

  • Integration of customer payload
  • Engineering support 
  • LEOP support
  • Ground station elements or operations


Please contact us if you want to know how the 6U Standard Platform will perform in a specific orbit and/or with your payload, or if you want to learn more about options for upgrade with deployable solar panels, extra batteries, more precise ADCS or propulsion.

For further information about the 6U Standard Platform contact our sales department

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