The Purpose of AISTECH Is to Set up a Nanosatellite Network that Will Help Organizers Improve Their Decision Making Process

Focus is on three business areas: Bidirectional Communication, Multispectral Imaging from space and Aviation Tracking and Surveillance. AISTECH plans to have the first satellite, delivered by GomSpace in orbit in 2017 and by 2020, there will be a full constellation of 25 satellites capturing data in real time.

GomSpace is providing flight-proven platforms, subsystems and some payloads for the Aistech constellation. By working together, Aistech will develop and integrate a constellation one of a kind. Having satellites that can track airplanes, communicate with assets and take multispectral pictures. Turning all this data into valuable information, Aistech will be able to help customers in their decision-making process. 

GomSpace will deliver the first satellite to AISTECH in orbit in 2017


“We choose GomSpace because of their experience and expertise in developing space systems solutions. It is important to us to choose a partner with documented flight heritage, and we feel confident that GomSpace will be a qualified partner in accomplishing our mission”

- CEO, Guillermo Valenzuela, from AISTECH.

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