A Nanosatellite for Science

SEAM is a collaborative project aiming at developing, building, launching and operating a nanosatellite for science-grade measurements of magnetic and electric fields in the Earth ionosphere. The consortium brings together eight partners from five European countries. An overarching goal for the project is to jointly develop a nanosatellite platform for advanced scientific missions, thus allowing the participating small and medium enterprises to offer new solutions to the high end of the nanosatellite market.

The SEAM project will develop and demonstrate in flight for the first time a concept of an electromagnetically clean nanosatellite with precision attitude determination, flexible autonomous data acquisition system, high-bandwidth telemetry and an integrated solution for ground control and data handling. As the first demonstration, the satellite will carry novel magnetic sensors, mounted on booms to provide science-grade measurements

The project is headed by KTH in Sweden. Read more about the project on the SEAM Homepage.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement no 607197.

Within the project GomSpace is responsble for the core satellite platform, ADCS tailoring to the mission and satellite integration,

Future nanosatellites for science will allow an uprecedented mapping of our environment

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