Nanosatellite Platform for German Aerospace Center’s Demonstration of the OSIRIS Optical Demonstration Payload

In the framework of the OSIRIS program, DLR develops highly compact optical communication payloads for small LEO spacecrafts together with their cooperation partner Tesat-Spacecom.

OSIRIS aim is to provide highly compact optical communication payloads for small spacecrafts in a LEO orbit. Motivations are:

  • High data rate
  • Low power consumption
  • Compact systems design
  • No frequency spectrum regulation

Optical communication can help to overcome the bottleneck in the downlink data rate of small spacecraft by an order of magnitude increase of available data rate compared to RF systems. This might be relevant especially for missions with high demands of data transmission as we see it in earth observation and remote sensing mission for example. The combination of low power consumption with a highly compact system design allows for a use on CubeSats, where also the independence of a frequency spectrum regulation can be seen as an advantage.

GomSpace will:

  • Update the satellite configuration to accommodate the OSIRIS payload
  • Manufacture and procure all necessary parts
  • Integrate the platform
  • Assists DLR personnel in Payload integration at GomSpace for two weeks. 
  • Perform full functional check-out of the integrated satellites
  • Perform vibration, thermal and thermal vacuum testing

The OSIRIS program aims to develop and demonstrate highly compact optical communication payloads for small spacecraft in LEO


"For the OSIRIS demonstration on the CubeSat, we combine the experience of two flying space missions on Flying Laptop and BiROS satellites with a highly compact OSIRIS system design in cooperation with our partner Tesat Spacecom. The GomSpace CubeSat bus was selected due to the demonstration of strong results of the GOMX-3 mission."

- Christopher Schmidt, OSIRIS program manager at DLR.


"Clearly, a major disruptor in the earth observations and satellite communications market is the availability of CubeSats. Tesat-Spacecom is answering this demand with a 0.3U laser communication terminal addressing the stringent size weight and power of these small spacecrafts. This down to earth terminal will have its first demonstrator mission onboard a Gomspace 3U spacecraft next year. We are delighted to have Gomspace as a strong partner within this important strategic project.”

- Philipp Biller, Product Manager at Tesat-Spacecom. 

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