This Successful Test is The First Step Towards Integrating Satellite-collected ADS-B data Into A Customer's Network and Brings Them Closer to The Goal of Global ADS-B Coverage.

FlightRadar24 collected data via the GOMX-3 nanosatellite, a collaboration between GomSpace and the European Space Agency launched in October 2015. Data collected by the satellite was transmitted to a ground receiver and processed at the Airbus Defence and Space ground segment, before being combined with schedule and route information, and displayed on Flightradar24.

Read FlightRadar24's full blogpost about the testings here.

The GOMX-3 satellite orbits the earth approximately every 90 minutes at a speed of 27440 kilometers per hour, which gave FlightRadar24 a small window to capture data and download it from the satellite as it transits from southwest to northeast across the Atlantic Ocean.

This test provides a plethora of useful data for future efforts as we work to take advantage of space-based ADS-B tracking. FlightRadar24 will continue their work with partners like Airbus Defence and Space and The European Spacy Agency to expand efforts in the area, and say they are confident that satellite-based ADS-B coverage will play a major role in helping eliminate flight tracking gaps around the world.

Sequences of the data gathering that was done can be viewed here.

The test demonstrated the integration of nanosatellite datastreams with existing infrastructure adding immediate value to 1000s of users through the FR24 app

Testimonial by FlightRadar24:

"We’re excited about our first space-based ADS-B flight tracking test in cooperation with GomSpace. Using the GOMX-3 satellite we collected ADS-B data from flights transiting the Atlantic Ocean outside our terrestrial coverage area and integrated that data into the Flightradar24 network, a first for any commercial flight tracking service."

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