OPS-SAT was a 3U nanosatellite developed for the European Space Agency (ESA) European Space Operations Center (ESOC) allowing on-orbit testing and demonstration of experimental and innovative software that may be used in future ESA missions and programs.

Utilizing GomSpace technology in its core avionics, the unique platform allowed the OPS-SAT experimental community to change nearly every aspect of the satellite’s on-board software on-the-fly without introducing major risk to the mission. This ability allowed the experiments to access a number of advanced nanosatellite subsystems including a powerful FPGA-SoC based payload computer, fine 3-axis attitude control system, high speed X band communication system allowing up to 50 Mbps downlink, UHF communication, optical communication, GPS, a powerful software defined radio (SDR), and a fully CCSDS/MO-Services compliant high speed S-Band communications system.


GomSpace delivered the core nanosatellite platform for the program.

OP-SAT is testing and demonstration of experimental and innovative software

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