SAS UK Plans to Deploy Constellation of Nanosatellites Providing Affordable Communication Services to Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime

Owing to the successful “The Three Diamonds” demonstration mission, Sky and Space Global has trusted GomSpace to deliver their full constellation of multi-nanosatellites. The first delivery of nanosatellites will be completed in 2018, with the full constellation being operational by 2020.

Sky and Space Global intends to establish communication infrastructure based on nanosatellite technology and handle communication code between each of the nanosatellites. The constellation will provide global coverage once a sufficient global network of nanosatellites has been deployed

It is a vision that ultimately relies on hundreds of nanosatellites operating in space. Seconded by GomSpace, the equatorial belt of nanosatellites will be able to provide affordable voice, data and instant messaging services to people and businesses all over the world.

Project Specifics

- GomSpace is to deliver the numerous nanosatellites with the following specifications:

  • Capable satellite platform:
    • Inter-satellite link capability
    • Agile pointing and drag management
  • Tailored payload to customer needs:
    • Powerful Software Defined Radio
    • Customised antenna and RF front-end


"GomSpace is one of the best companies in the new space business. It is a great honour working with them."

- Meidad Pariente, CTO, SAS

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