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Product Documents

Command & Management SDK

Use this software development kit to command and manage your satellite. The Command & Management SDK is available for our:

The SDK includes a common set of advanced and feature rich library modules used across GomSpace products, systems and platforms. 

To help our customers get an understanding of our software architecture and interfaces we offer a standard software training module.

This software allows you to:

  • Use CSP Communication with drivers for I2C, CAN and USART (KISS)
  • Setup parameter system configuration of your system and get system status
  • Get logging and debugging information during testing and operation
  • Provide console interface for test and control
  • Access drivers and basic utilities on the onboard computer
  • Transfer files to and from the onboard computer and the ground station server using FTP
  • Setup telemetry collection via Housekeeping and beacons
  • Schedule operations using satellite commands in space via the GomSpace Flight Planner
  • Interface to our products using our common CSP Client that is the Product Interface Library to access all our products


Telemetry Dashboard (GSWeb)

The software to run the dashboard application GSWeb is a web-based tool for displaying telemetry data from your satellite platforms using CSP. It can be extensively customized and has powerful integration with libparam and libcsp.

GSWeb is split into the dashboard, the sidebar and a number of subpages. In the GSWEB navigation menu, the user can switch between different subpages - each subpage displays a number of modules, configured through the configuration interface. Which parameters that are shown in a module is configurable through the configuration interface.

The Telemetry Dashboard runs on the Ground Station Server - NanoCom MS100

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