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NanoCom Link S

Based on the flight proven series of GomSpace Software Defined Radios (SDR),  NanoCom Link S allows for radio link rates up to 7.5Mbps and features an integrated front end and S band antenna which can be optimally placed in the satellite, independent to the modem/transmitter location, without worrying about signal loss.    

This full duplex S-band link is an extremely attractive alternative for users who are unable to obtain an X-band license.  Voice and streaming applications are particularly well catered for due to low latency package transfer capabilities. NanoCom Link S’s power, frequency and modulation/ coding can be configured and controlled in orbit to ensure optimum data throughput. 


Mission flexibility is enhanced by on-board Store and Forward capability with up to 120GB of data storage available for transferring payload data by high-speed space-wire or low-speed RS-422 interfaces and TCP/IP protocols. CAN or RS422 and CSP are provided for configuration and control.  Support for flight scheduled data-transmission is provided well as Bi-directional file copy with RSYNC.   Enhanced TMTC security is provided by supporting a CSP connection using SSH, while also supporting simultaneous payload data downloads. 


CCSDS 131.0-B-4 compliant, has also been verified with commercial off-the-self ground station equipment  and is compatible with major commercial ground station service providers. 

GomSpace’s  NanoCom Link Connect software for Ground Systems also supports Nanocom Link S, facilitating a low cost ground station segment.


NanoCom Link S – KEY FEATURES:

Communication / RF

Full duplex continuous mode Rx and Tx based on the CCSDS 131.0-B-4 standard up to 7.5Mbit/sec.

  • CCSDS 131.0-B-4 and CCSDS 401-0-B-32
    • Idle byte insertion.
    • BPSK and QPSK modulation support.
    • Symbol rates 0.5MBd to 7.5MBd (symbols/sec).
    • Concatenated Code: Rate ½ Convolutional code with Reed Solomon (255,223).
    • Reed Solomon interleaving of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 8 blocks
  • Adjustable output power up to 32dBm.


  • Transmit frequency range: 2200 to 2290MHz in steps of 1Hz.
  • Receiver frequency range: 2025 to 2110MHz in steps of 1Hz.
  • Adjustable output power up to 32dBm
  • Bandwidth: 265 MHz
  • Polarisation: RHCP
  • Gain: >7 dB (peak), >4 dB (80° beam width) 

Storage, electrical and protocol support

  • Up to 120GB local downlink data buffer

  • 3xSpaceWire, CAN and RS-422 interfaces

  • Supported Input Protocols: CSP and TCP/IP

Size, weight and power

Integrated Antenna:

  • 1U panel for mounting on satellite surface

  • Mass: 112/123g

  • DC Power consumption <15W (depending on settings)

  • Power supply voltage 8-18V DC


  • Mass: 272g

  • DC Power consumption <9W (depending on mode)

  • Power supply voltage 12-32V DC

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