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NanoCom Link Connect

GomSpace’s NanoCom Link Connect is comprehensive software solution specifically designed to digitally transform, simplify, and seamlessly speed up integration of ground segment infrastructure with direct out of the box support for GomSpace’s current and future satellite based NanoCom Link radio products.

Deployed behind the ground segment’s modem, NanoCom Link Connect allows mission services to use IP based solutions between satellite and ground, speeding up deployment by reducing the need for custom integration firmware.  By providing end to end communications with the satellite radios, NanoCom Link Connect mirrors and complements the existing interfaces and services available on all NanoCom Link radios, enabling users to quickly get started with their ground infrastructure.


Focus on your mission:  

  • NanoCom Link Connect allows you to focus on payload data and commands rather than integrating protocols.
  • Nanocom Link Connect is synchronised with future releases of NanoCom Link products, with regular updates allowing users to quickly take advantage of new and exciting features. 

Integrate seamlessly with commercial ground-stations: 

  • Designed for simple integration with multiple commercial ground-station providers.
  • Portable and fast installation and deployment using industry standard Docker and Docker Compose. 
  • Simple and flexible management with a single REST API 
  • IPv4 support enabling communication to NanoCom Link Radio subsystems
  • Extending CSP ground network into space.
  • Easy access documentation with self-hosted HTTP documentation including installation, deployment, configuration, and maintenance guide.
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