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High capacity lithium-ion battery pack with a heater for CubeSats

We've designed the NanoPower BPX to give you maximum power in a small formfactor for your mission. It utilizes high capacity Li-Ion cells and can be coupled in parallel to give your satellite even more power. The system is self-contained and is programmable using the onboard microcontroller. This means that house keeping and heater control can be done on the module and does therefore not occupy the OBC.

Main Features:

  • Lithium-ion battery pack for space applications
  • Utilizes 18650 Li-Ion cells with a nomical cell capacity of 3000 mAh
  • 86 Wh capacity
  • 3 different battery configurations:
    • 2S-4P: 6 - 8.4 V & 12 Ah
    • 4S-2P: 12 - 16.8 V & 6 Ah
    • 8S-1P: 24 - 33.6 V & 3 Ah
  • Expandable: Any number of BPX packs can be coupled in parallel 
  • Can be configured for nominal voltage ranging up to 29.6 V
  • Provides telemetry over I2C (CSP protocol) - voltage and temperature
  • Autonomous heater system
  • Fits standard PC104

Since its intruduction the NanoPower BPX has had an extensive flight history and we utilize it in most of our own satellite projects. Send us a quote request today to learn more!


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