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Electrical Power Supply system for small nanosatellites

The NanoPower P31u power supply are designed for small, low-cost satellites with power demands from 1-30 W. Employing a strictly KISS design philosophy, the P31 interfaces to triple junction photo-voltaic cells and uses a highly efficient boost-converter to condition their output power in order to charge the provided lithium-ion battery.

Main Features

  • Optimal for 1U and 2U platforms
  • Battery voltage 8V
  • 20 Wh battery onboard (option no longer available)
  • Photovoltaic power conversion up to 30 W
  • ISS launch compliant version available

Key functionality

  • 3 input channels with independent power point setting
  • Three different photovoltaic power point options
  • Battery under-voltage and over-voltage protection
  • Two regulated power buses
  • 6 user-controlled output switches w. latching current limiter
  • Discrete control of output switches
  • Onboard housekeeping measurements
  • Interface to battery board NanoPower BP4 and BPX
  • Separation-switch interface with latching mechanism
  • Remove-Before-Flight-pin interface
  • Onboard lithium ion battery pack
  • Onboard microcontroller with I2C interface
  • CSP network protocol for seamless integration with other GomSpace products


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