Sky and Space Global LTD, a UK incorporated company, plans to deploy a nanosatellite constellation in orbit to provide a global communication infrastructure. 

The core SSG business is to construct a communication infrastructure based on nanosatellite technology and develop software systems that will deploy, maintain orbit control and handle communication code between each of the nanosatellites to provide global coverage once a sufficient global network of nanosatellites is deployed.

Due to the experience and expertise of the founders in the aerospace industry, the business will be able to develop and upgrade capabilities within short intervals, utilizing unique IP-nanosat network software protocols. Costs of maintenance will be low – business model is intended to make communication affordable to everyone – particularly and by keeping prices low – for the developing countries.

By the end of this decade, the equatorial infrastructure will be up and active. This involves a full constellation of nanosatellites in orbit. GomSpace has delivered the first three satelittes, also named ”The Three Diamonds” for the demonstration mission.

GomSpace delivered “3 Diamonds” Precursor Mission of 3x 3Us:

  • Ordered in February 2016 and delivered 12 months after
  • Sky and Space Global (SSG) private commercial customer

  • Nanosatellites constellation in space for providing a global communication infrastructure

  • Next step is constellation deployment with a full constellation of satellites

Key Satellite Capabilities Provided:

  • Capable satellite platform:
    • Inter-satellite link capability
    • Agile pointing and drag management
  • Tailored payload to customer needs:
    • Powerful Software Defined Radio
    • Customised antenna and RF front-end



“GomSpace is one of the best companies in the new space business. It is a great honour working with them.”

- Meidad Pariente, CTO, SSG

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