Spacety is one of the earliest privately held commercial space companies in China. With the principle of “let space to be touchable”, Spacety designs and utilizes low cost small satellites in a wide range of commercial sectors.


Founded in 2016 and successfully launched 12satellites with 20satellites to be launched in 2019, Spacety provides short cycle, low cost and one-stop satellite solutions for clients including commercial companies, universities and research institutions such as the Chinese Academy of Sciences, China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation and Tsinghua University.


Laser Communication Aviation Internet Constellation´╝Ü

288 satellites with a height of 1000 km form a high-angle LEO orbit constellation. The constellation has 12 orbital surfaces, and each orbital surface has 24 satellite. It could achieve 100% global coverage, offering broadband access for any flight any location.


Gamma Ray Integrated Detectors´╝Ü

GRID is an astrophysics constellation with 24 satellites. GRID project is a cooperation between the Tsinghua Centre for Astrophysics (THCA) and SPACETY.

The main scientific objective is to identify and locate the electromagnetic counterparts of gravitational wave bursts detected by LIGO.

GomSpace delivers subcomponents to Spacety.

Spacety is one of the first commercial aerospace companies in China

"GomSpace acts as a fantastic supplier partner, the realizability of products make great assurance for Spacety Microsatellite R&D"

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